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Leasing on the credit line of Asian Development Bank (ADB)

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Purpose of the credit line

Further development and support of small business entities and women's entrepreneurship by purchasing innovative technologies and machines on the leasing basis

Terms of financing:

Enterprises-exporters of the private sector of all forms of ownership and enterprises with a state participation share not more than 25% of the total amount of the authorized capital, having at least 3 years of successful activity, in particular:

A. Legal entities and women entrepreneurs (legal entities) should be distributed in the following way:

  • if women holds more than 50% of the property of the enterprise;
  • if women managing more than 50% of enterprises;
  • if more than 50% of the total number of employees of the enterprise consists from women.

B. Enterprises located outside the city of Tashkent

Financing amount:

USD 10,000 – USD 300,000

Financing currency:

In foreign denominated currency (USD and/or EURO)


5 years

Interest rate:

8% (flat)

Lease payment currency:

In financing currency


1.5% from the financing amount

(equivalent in UZS at the rate of the OTC foreign exchange market of Uzbekistan)

Pledge requirements:

NOT LESS THAN 50% from financing amount

Pledge in form of:

  • Movable property (machinery, vehicle);
  • Real estate;
  • Equipment;
  • Deposit;
  • Buy-back guarantee.

Other terms:

1. Purchase of the equipment or fixed assets from the member countries of ADB;

2. According to the terms of the credit line, lessees must comply with the environmental protection requirements, comply with health and safety legislation requirements, and also comply with the rules of social protection of the republic.